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Mission Statement: 

The mission of the American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens is to:
1. Assist family members and children of officers killed in the line of duty through programs of compassion, scholarship and gifts, and to assist in the process of adjustment after the loss of a loved one.
2. Promote the training of police reserves, which shall include those persons employed full or part time in the security industry.
3. Encourage a free exchange of information between men and women presently engaged in law enforcement, reserves, etc. through a newsletter, meetings, regional training, films and study courses.
4. Encourage citizens interested in volunteer law enforcement to involve themselves in their communities in crime-watch patrols, in civil defense police, as special deputy sheriffs, as special police officers and security guards in private industry.
5. Aid in the national civil defense program in the event of any natural disaster or in time of war for the protection of life and property.
6. Educate the public about the contribution made to society throughout history by law enforcement personnel through publications, broadcast media, support of museums and memorials, and other mediums of communication.

American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens
6350 Horizon Drive
Titusville, FL 32780
United States
Barry Shepherd, Executive Director
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