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Summer 2019


  • Don't Let the State Do Your Planning
  • Can You Pass This Quiz?
  • Where There's a Will There's a Way
  • Taxwise Giving

Spring 2019


  • Planning for Change
  • Back to Basics—the “4 Ps” of Effective Planning
  • Questions & Answers About Estate Planning
  • Giving Through Your IRA

Fall 2018


  • Will the New Tax Law Change the Way You Give?
  • Questions & Answers About Year-End Giving
  • How Sound is Your Estate Plan?
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?

Spring 2018


  • Thriving Plans Have Strong Roots
  • Understanding Key Terms in the Planning Process
  • Ten Steps to an Effective Estate Plan
  • Simple Ways to Make a Lasting Gift

Winter 2018


  • A New Year, a New Update
  • Has Congress Changed Your Estate Plans?
  • Three Ways to Include AFP&CC in Your Will
  • Protect Your Digital Treasures